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How long has this been here? Discretely embedding a new development into a lively historic neighbourhood by introducing three new blocks of fourteen dwellings to the Mill Road conservation area whilst referencing the existing life of the site.
Model of the new buildings and context

"At the design stage of the project and subsequently, they have listened carefully to our requirements, aspirations and concerns, at the same time as bringing innovation and architectural understanding to the design. This approach enabled a collaborative and successful planning application

We have enjoyed working with CCD Studio and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others with similar requirements."

HTS Estates -Client
A mixed use housing development that responds to the context of different cambridge streets , within Romsey Conservation area.

The site is on the lively and active Mill Road, in Cambridge. Mill Road is an historic route in the east of the City and was originally a quiet country Road leading to a windmill. Most of the area was developed in the late 19th Century, as can be seen from the historic plans, due to the advent of the railway. The railway divided Mill Road into two distinct areas, Petersfield and Romsey. The more gentrified Petersfield, closer to the city centre and developed by the colleges, and Romsey, the more working class area of terrace houses for railway workers.

Junction on Mill Road and Ross Street
Ross street View
Pre development access to rear of the site.
Street collage elevation - Ross Street and Mill Road
Aerial location photograph

The proposal is located on the site of the Cambridge Bed Centre on the corner of Mill Road and Ross Street which incorporates the current single storey Aston and Fincher building and a row of lock-up garages and parking to the rear. The site (1679 sq.m) is surrounded by predominantly residential properties on Mill Road and Ross Street, with the majority of the retail premises on Mill Road to the east of the site.

MILL ROAD - PRIMARY ELEVATION AND ACTIVE FRONT The position of the retail unit, the entrances, and articulation of the corner to Ross street has been developed to enhance the urban scene on Mill Road. The retail unit is positioned to be visible and to utilise the enlarges pavement around the existing tree. This create a primary elevation to mill road.
MILL ROAD URBAN STREET PATTERN The adjacent houses on Mill Road step at they approach Hemingford Road. This sawtooth form has been the inspiration and reference for the plan of the Mill road apartment block.

Fourteen dwellings in three separate and distinct residential blocks. Each block responding to its setting and context.

"CDC Studio input during the detailed design and construction phases has been equally valuable – they have paid careful attention to, and shown clear understanding of, contractors concerns and budgetary constraints to enable the delivery of a high quality scheme."

HTS Estates -Client
Construction photo May 2022
  • Client

    HTS Estates
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  • Design Team

    Peter Dann
    Hoare Lea
    Liz Lake Assoc.
    Carter Jonas
    Bremnar Partnership
    Cass Allen
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    PB Doyle
  • Team

    Robin Dryer, Mark Clarke, Delphine Dryer, Ting Khu, James Howells, Alasdair Ferguson, Samantha Greaves
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