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An irregular roof reaches out to the landscape, folding above a contemporary home. The form of an existing thatched barn is extended in kind to create a sensitive modern addition to a rural site.
Aerial view of a thatch and zinc gabled house at night
Front view of gabled house with large glass panels
pitched zinc roofs meeting thatched roof at eye-level
The geometry of the landscape flows out from the forms of the house.

"Our architects showed just the right combination of imagination and persistence, leading to an individual home that meets all our requirements and fits beautifully into its surroundings, throughout the project, we benefitted from their attention to detail and their real interest in how we intended to live in our new home. One year on, and we are both extremely house proud.”

The Client
Thatch barn in distance over Cambridge field
Cloudy sky over brick and thatched barn
Entrance gate next to brick barn visible from Camps Road
Existing Photo of the site with the thatch barn and Chetwyn House in the distance
Aerial view of Cambridgeshire landscape highlighting barn
Aerial Photograph with the site highlighted
Handrawn diagram with lines depicting views of landscape
Handrawn diagram with sun and noise drawn on
Hand-drawn diagram showing a cluster of barns in the top right
Hand-drawn diagram of barn roofs connecting zinc to thatch
Hand-drawn diagram with line showing where greenery remains
Views & visibility were a key criteria during the design development
line drawing of various pitched roofs
line drawing of pitched roof houses
line drawing of pitched roof houses with large glass panels
Existing section across the site
Aerial view of cambridgeshire Cubicon model
3D printed model of Cambridgeshire pitched roof houses
Aerial view of Cubicon pitched roof model
3d printed site model
Sunset over a thatch and zinc house in a cambridgeshire landscape
Aerial view of sunrise over thatch and zinc cambridgeshire roof
Zinc pitched roof house at night with glass front
Multiple large zinc pitched roofs with glass front
Pitched zinc roofs of Cambridgeshire house at night
Sunrise over the Gables

“For the house to have low impact on the village setting, it was essential that our design encapsulated the character of the village and the wider site. Adopting a thoroughly modern approach, the larger part of the new house was set back to retain existing views of the thatched barn from the village road and kept deliberately low in height to accommodate the immediate neighbours' views. This resulted in the low-lying folding glazed volumes.”

Delphine Dryer, CCD Studio
Pale kitchen inside cambridgeshire house
Looking out to fields from house with timber pitch roof
Glass mezannine looking out to Cambridgeshire fields
Timber pitched roof above glass mezzanine
Kitchen at the heart of the house.

" CDC studio have specified our products on multiple projects, most recently Gables in Cambridgeshire. Their drive, attention to detail and enthusiasm toward their projects and clients are second to none. This shines through and is reflected in the quality of the end project. " More info on product

Glazing Vision - Supplier
white bathroom
Pale green timber wall panels in bedroom
Curved tiled shower wall in house
Green bedroom in Cambridgeshire house
Main bathroom
Large timber pitched roof inside house
Large glass window looking to Cambridgeshire landscape
Timber and concrete stairs in house
Steel rods supporting timber roof of Cambridge house
Steel holding timber roof above concrete wall
Slot window with folding shutter.
Architecture site plan for Cambridgeshire barn
architecture ground floor plan drawing of house
Architecture first floor plan drawing of house
Architecture elevation drawing of pitched roof houses
Architecture elevation drawing of zinc roof
Architecture elevation drawing of brick Cambridgeshire barn
Site Plan
Lights from timber ceiling next to concrete wall in house
Zinc pitched roof with glass panel
Grey brick wall of Cambridgeshire house
Detail - Timber framed mezzanine floor meeting insitu concrete wall
Architecture digital model of concrete structure
Architecture digital model of steel frame
Architecture digital model of timber frame barn
Architecture digital model of zinc roof house
Construction Sequence 1 : Concrete slab and shear walls
Construction of steel frames of gabled house
Construction of steel frame of pitched roofs
Steel frame pitched roofs on timber walls
Construction of steel frame roof
Construction of timber frame walls of house
man thatching roof of Cambridgeshire barn
Straw used on thatched roof
LABC Building Excellence Award
British Homes Awards finalist
Publication in architecture magazine Self Build and Design
Zinc pitched roof house at night with glass front
Multiple zinc pitched roofs with large glass front
Flint entrance wall with zinc roof house in background
Flint walls of Cambridgeshire house
pitched zinc roofs meeting thatched roof at eye-level
Zinc pitched roof meeting flint wall of house
Horizontal timber shutters with strong shadows
Timber shutters over back door to thatch barn
Sunrise highlighting timber shutters of Cambridgeshire barn
The four gables to the house.
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    MHA Structural Design
    Henry Riley
    Hoare lea
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    PB Doyle
  • Team

    Robin Dryer, Mark Clarke, Delphine Dryer, Sam Greaves, Alasdair Ferguson, Hannah Verner, Molly Blackwell, Alicia Pell
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    Hufton + Crow
    CDC Studio