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CDC Studio

Pilgrim Pre School

A lantern for learning. An underutilised part of a school is transformed into an adaptable library space that fans out to new teaching rooms. Natural light and simple materials accentuate curved joinery and mobile furniture to create a calmly enriching learning environment
The chosen location allows: an enhance connection between the pre-school and the main school; the creation of new communal areas and shared learning; the refurbishment of the north façade - considered the least aesthetically pleasing of the existing building.
Concept Sketch
Bespoke furniture designed for the library.
Steel Frame design for the extension.
  • Client

    Pilgrim School
  • Location

  • Budget

  • Design Team

    HBa Consulting Engineers
    Scot White and Hookins
    Sharps Redmore
  • Contractor

    Neville Construction
  • Team

    Robin Dryer, Mark Clarke, Ana Pratas, Alasdair Ferguson, Samantha Greaves
  • Images